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Every Black Hole Contains a New Universe

A physicist presents a solution to present-day cosmic mysteries.

At the center of spiral galaxy M81 is a supermassive black hole about 70 million times more massive than our sun.
NASA/CXC/Wisconsin/D.Pooley & CfA/A.Zezas;NASA/ESA/CfA/A.Zezas; NASA/JPL-Caltech/CfA/J.Huchra et al.; NASA/JPL-Caltech/CfA






  Did the universe evolve to make black holes?


Did the universe evolve to make black holes?




Because the structure of our bodies are one with evolution, we are currently (mostly) embedded within the one-way directional flow of time. Time is simply the overall flow of energy from order to disorder of the universe. Yet there is nothing in the laws of physics which says events which unfold forward in time can not unfold in the opposite direction, from disorder to order. Life actually harnesses the natural flow of the unwinding of the universe to create small pockets of order. So life itself may be trying to master control of flow of energy. In this ultimate context, it may also mean its trying to master the flow of time.


Humans have evolved to perceive time like a story with a beginning and an end. Einstein showed that time flows at different rates everywhere in the universe. Though some may accept this fact intellectually, we all generally perceive time as one universal “tick-tock”. After all, if the one way flow of time is accepted by everyone on almost every level that matters as being inevitable, there are more important things in life to worry about. Time is the fire in which we burn. So better to enjoy some time before it kills us…


Our perception of what time really is may actually be the real fire in which we burn. Our bodies and brains (one thing really) are moving from order to a maximum state of disorder. We call this aging, and it seems as inevitable as time. However, if our perception of the nature of time is false, that means our perception of the inevitability of aging, as we have become accustomed, is equally false. Out of all things we endeavor for, is this not most worthy of investigation? If we could learn to master our own internal flow of time, it would seem that would become a priority over all other pursuits. What could be more important than making time to enjoy that which we pursue in time?


At least two points of reference are needed for distance and space to have any meaning. The flow of particles in space allows for the evolution of definition and information. After 13.5 billion years of evolution, you now have a body of particles. The relative motion of those particles relative to the motion of all other particles in space  eventually gave us enough definition to know what it means to be. Our bodies function in conjunction with the workings of the entire universe on a graduated scale of relativity.


The brain is a road map and driver of the body. Human’s evolved the ability to overwrite that map to create a new map; the map to domestication. It was an important leap for a species to begin creating its own niches to escape the limitations of natural environmental niches which mindless creatures occupy. A niche always dies sooner or later. So if life was to have an ultimate purpose, it had to explore alternatives. The consequences of this sacrifice are obvious when one looks at the insanity of human history which remains to present day.


Universal Evolution


The greatest thing about the Victorian scientists was that they could see that the physics of a thermometer in a beaker could be extrapolated/enlarged to encompass the entire universe. The overall flow of energy from order to disorder can be observed in something as simple as a hot cup of tea. The energy starts out highly ordered and concentrated in on place, then gradually disperses out into the environment and fades. The universe is on a similar trajectory.


This fall toward disorder can be constructive as the formations which evolve within the flow of energy use that flow to create structure and order. Of course the space which gave rise to primordial form (particles/spheres of energy) plays a significant yet elusively subtle role in this construction. This primordial consciousness can only produce particles/bubbles. So it produces a lot of them in a way where over many cycles/generations of interaction under certain guidelines/laws they may come together to create something more.


On earth this process manifests as what we have discovered to be the evolutionary process of biological life. After countless generations, human beings have arisen as the dominant life form of earth. The next stage is for us to look more deeply into our true nature so that we may transcend the dreadful limitations we still face as a result of the imperfect process of evolution. We must take our evolution into our own hands.


One of the current theories of the evolutionary nature of our universe is that it actually exists within a continuum of multiverses. The structure of this continuum is organized around the production of black holes. In this picture, every black hole contains a new child universe. The more black holes/universe the offspring produces, the more fertile it is. Through this process each consecutive universe becomes more Finley tuned for the existence of life/universes. For consciousness to find stability in form. every life form we are familiar with can be seen as self similar to the universe itself. 


If the universe is similar to a thermometer in a beaker, it’s easy to imagine we also are a reflection of the universe. It may be that our own evolutionary process is centered around a similar hub of focus to create universes with more black holes within them. By this rationale, if the particles which make up our physical structure are similar to the stars in space, than our goal must be to finely tune our environment toward being more fertile/hospitable in the conversion of these particles to being more similar to black holes (rather than self similar to the opposite end of the spectrum, stars) . Self similarity does not necessarily require objects to be visually similar. In fact, the object may appear very different. A caterpillar is self similar to the butterfly it transforms into, even though on the surface they appear completely different. Sometimes the object may actually appear very close visually. So what self similarity means must be carefully investigated on a case by case basis. It may be that we are in a dimension within the evolutionary continuum of universes which would not allow our particles to become universes onto themselves. They may however require fine tuning toward the highest self similarities of the other characteristics black holes have. This may gradually make us increasingly self similar to black holes/fertile universes overall and we will become increasingly fertile together. Fertile here means infinitely more than the conventional idea of fertility in hum-drum biological terms.


This may sound very cold and impersonal on a human level. Part of our problem has always been our inability to come to terms with the deeper functioning nature of our reality. Yet that is precisely ultimately what we are here to do. The beauty of this particular theory is that no one at any given time will need to fully understand how it all works to apply it to their lives to enhance its quality. They key to unlocking this evolutionary potential lies with information.


The entire structure of our reality is written in information, that includes us. At this point in the evolution of our infrastructure, we may have an opportunity to redirect the flow of information in such a way as to redirect the flow of energy thus transforming the structure of our reality. If we can fine tune the overall patterns in which our societies function, we may generate an environment where enlightened human beings become more frequent, thus producing more information to further adjust the flow of information and production of new technology in an exponential feedback loop toward an incredible future we can’t even imagine. Artificially selected natural selection. This may lead to finally breaking the bonds of the laws of physics. We may become the laws of physics instead of its subjects.


We must investigate the universal “cosmological constants” of human beings relative to attaining our highest potential and make that the hub around which all other matters rotate. Body temperature, nutrition, hydration, fitness, medicine, etc. At some point, when we begin to experience reality on a deeper level, a similar restructuring of the education system will become important. The hub around which this new system may revolve is the relativistic structure of our existence and our place in it. This will strengthen the foundations of intelligence by starting humans out in a proper psychological orientation in more precise alignment with universal truths. The current education structure is a remnant of war time and military type mentality. Spliced together with competitive corporate business structure and uninspiring content as a central hub. An assembly line for the children of Mr. And Ms. John-Q tax payer. In this way, we can start from both sides and work our way in. Those working from the inside will benefit from those working from the surface. Those working from the surface in turn will benefit from those working from the inside.




We can start from the thinnest surface layer of information and work our way inward toward universal enlightenment. Information is one with the physical world. As it is reorganized to direct the flow of energy in alignment with universal intelligence, our minds, brains and bodies will naturally follow this new flow toward a completely different, yet self similar internal structure. Conservation of energy will maintain the overall look of our external appearance in this context. This sounds very alien but it is important to remember that our bodies are actually more than 99% “empty” space. Whats left are small points of energy suspended/entangled in that space. Almost everything we experience in between are magnetic field interactions between these two polarities. What we experience as a flesh and bone body is a relativistic surface illusion necessary for navigating a reality of which we have a very limited awareness.



We are redirecting the flow of energy to influence our magnetic fields in such a way as to redirect their flow in a more efficient way. These magnetic fields are coupled with the structures of which they are grounded (particles). So we can change the nature/structure of our particles to exist more efficiently in our reality. We can shift our bodies out of phase with the external one way movement of time of the rest of the earth and universe. Out of the seemingly one way stream from order to disorder. Out of that very limited story and into a new earth.





Gravity and Anti-gravity


It has been theorized that within black hole universes, the fundamental property of spin that particles of matter have exert a torsion force on the space-time fabric on which they are embedded. Eventually the fabric snaps back in the opposing direction to the inward pull of gravity acting as an anti-gravitational force. This results in a singularity expanding outward as a big bang creating a universe such as ours. This process of contraction and expansion goes on until an equilibrium is found in existence. By this rationale, the particles of our reality are influenced by these fundamental forces.


Humans are entangled this the chaotic tug of war between these forces. We have merged into one psychologically entangled organism which constantly attempts to manage the balance of these forces. To “homogenize” them (not very well) among us until we find our highest potential between them. For the most successful humans this manifests invisibly because they simply have no awareness of the life potential they are missing. For the least successful humans it manifest as agony coupled with them dream to have what the successful people have, which for them would be a quantum leap compared to dreadful suffering.


It can be seen in every human interaction. We have mostly only come to observe it, if at all, as a benign phenomenon we call ego puffing. One of us puffs causing the other to contract. But this phenomenon in its true depth is far from benign. It is a signpost leading to the root of all dysfunction. It is the central hub around which almost all communication takes place. The need is derived from a deeply unconscious emotional imbalance which accompanies all forms of pain. We convince ourselves we are rational logical beings yet our communication is encoded with a deep underlying pain distribution priority.


The highest independence we can achieve in such a reality is false compared to our true potential. The suffering of all human beings is entangled with our own, and so all we can ever experience is short term symptom relief. Having a million dollars greatly aids the symptom relief compared to being poor.  Many wealthy people experience how shockingly limited it really is in this context. Yet no one has really pinned down the cause of this reality (or solution) so they get by like the rest of us, keeping up surface appearances as if there is nothing wrong.


Our true potential is the power to gain control over ones space as to influence the dilation of ones particles in the space of the body. In this way, we gain control over our own personal flow of time. We are no longer confined to the one way flow of energy from order to disorder. We respire space within ourselves maintaining definition and composure. This is the the beginning of true independence in the flow of time. The old way of defining ourselves is no longer the central hub and may become a playful surface game we play simply because we enjoy it. The central hub becomes transcending our limitations in an explosion of joy and creativity as we finally leave this old world in the dust. 







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