The human brain is the most complex thing we know of in the universe. Do we treat it that way? Raising offspring comes naturally for animals. But we humans may be in dangerous territory assuming we can raise our young in the same “relaxed/natural way”. More specifically I am referring to the the fundamental thing which sets us apart other animals; the way we carry, store, and utilize information. Humans have always seen themselves as vastly superior to animals. But this apparent superiority has come at a very high price, our sanity. This fact is continuously overlooked. Yes there is violence in the animal kingdom, but it is nowhere near as brutal as the violence humans have inflicted upon one another and the world around us. Animals are who they are. There is no internal identity conflict for them. They have a balance in this way which we have lost. Look at the animals. Do you see overweight, anorexic, OCD, diseased, depressed or suicidal squirrels? Don’t look to domesticated animals for an example here because they have picked up many of our negative traits from living so closely to us.


When an animal breathes, their entire body breathes down to the atomic level. This gives them a balance they keep for their entire lives. No need for therapy. The sacrifice humans made when we made the giant leap of creating and using symbols and language for communication was a new kind of internal world which spawns a virtual self within the true self of the structure of our animal bodies. On the one hand we needed this adaptation to be able to work together to create a better environment to live in, to transcend the limitations of the natural world. If you imagine that process there could not have been a point where we stopped to say “Wait. Our brains have naturally evolved to keep us in touch with the huge complexity of the information within our bodies. So while we are inventing all of these ways to store and create information for communication we should also become aware of what portions of our brains are being used for this and make sure to maintain a perfect equilibrium between the information which makes up our physical being and all other information.”No, these humans were far to consumed with creating and inventing a new world along with evading the bottomless bucket of hazards the world presented every moment along the way. The very fact the the highest caliber of intelligence of our societies today haven’t even begun to ask this question shows just how deep and elusive it is. It may also be noteworthy to imagine that for those who have invested in becoming that high caliber intellect of our society may have a conflict of interest in raising this concern, on a very, very deep level.


This uncontrolled internal information storage bends and twists and knots us up internally. The unconscious solution to this has been creating an infrastructure where we have many needs taken care of for us. We consume ever greater amounts of energy in any form we can get. Unlike the animals who are all very much the same, we have become so different from one another internally to the point of extreme alienation. This is all continuously unconsciously swept under the carpet. We maintain a very shallow surface reality out there in the world that makes it look like we are all united and working together. The vast amounts of energy and things we consume maintains this shallow image as if it were strong, solid and very real. If we start taking these supports away the image will crumble very fast. The way we are living is not sustainable. It is quicksand for our true potential, and as such, keeps everyone in disadvantaged countries trapped in squalor while we continuously miss the point. Almost all of the problems we are attempting to solve out there in the world seem to be a never ending loop of the same old story over and over and over. Its like the whole tree is in toxic soil and we keep pruning the outer branches expecting the tree to come back to life. This is much less efficient than moving the whole tree. If we begin to transplant the tree to fertile soil we become supercharged with life energy and will realize we were never going to making it if we continued without looking into the roots of human dysfunction. We are in formation and what we form and form into is deeply rooted in the way we perceive and use the information which is an an intrinsic part of the makeup of all structure in the universe. Underneath all of that structure is what is most valuable however. That is our essence. But the essence is very fragile and requires very finely tuned structures to best experience itself in its truest form.


Our instability is hidden because we have created an entire infrastructure around our dysfunction as if the dysfunction not only does not exist, but as if we are at the peak of human potential. We are living in equilibrium with imbalance, if that makes any sense. For this strange equilibrium to exist the tension from the imbalance must be released in various ways. If you can bare to observe human communication more closely you may begin to notice a pattern were we must constantly puff ourselves up and shrink others down. In some this is very easily recognizable, but for others it may become harder to see because it becomes increasingly better camouflaged amongst

What has become a very complex structure of nuances in communication which are very hard to pin down unless you are studying it very closely. This may seem relatively more advanced, but does it have to be this way? Is this just the way it is? Or could it be part of what’s standing between us and true prosperity. The things that seem so benign happening every moment in human communication, when all added up then compounded and multiplied through the entire population could be the biggest wolf in sheep’s clothing.


The personality is something that stays with you, even after enlightenment. There is nothing wrong with it in so far as it goes. The problem is what it is entangled with between the information we take in all the time and the places and ways that information becomes stored within us. The cumulative effect of so many human beings not having a firm foothold within there own being/body could be imagined like the earths crust. Mostly solidified yet floating on a giant ocean of magma. Constantly shifting, snapping, breaking and crashing violently, releasing vast amounts of pent up energy in a constant struggle to find some temporary equilibrium. If our lives can be enjoyed now, some of us anyway, what must lay beyond this strata of existence? What incredible creative forces currently remain dormant within billions of human beings? If those creative forces could begin to be released, what would be the consequences for each of our lives? Is the life the way you envision it based on current standards the only possible story? Does the story have to end so briefly? Could you be lucky enough to live in a time where humans leaped to a new potential, suddenly changing your entire life expectancy on levels yet impossible to comprehend? Would that be worth the temporary discomfort of considering all of this? I think so.



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