There is nothing in the equations of physics that says events which we see unfold forward in time cannot go back the other way. We of course find this highly puzzling because we never see something like a shattered tea cup come back together. This is part of the almost inescapable tenancy to think in terms of the external world. Tea cups may never come back together, but maybe we can learn to. So the external world can fall apart all it wants, which is a good thing in terms of giving us this whole reality. We just need to disentangle ourselves from this one way flow toward maximum disorder so we can finally enjoy real harmony instead of consuming all of our energy competing for dwindling resources as we kill the biosphere which sustains us.


One of the many reasons our priorities remain fixed in ways detrimental to the future of our species is because deep down, we are all aware we are not going to live long enough to really feel the need to invest our effort now in saving the future. So the only way we will save the future is if we find out we will be there to enjoy it. What if the two are linked? Us figuring out how to keep ecosystem alive is one with figuring out how to keep ourselves alive. That’s the final big carrot dangling before us to win this last war (WWME). If only that carrot wasn’t so invisible… Look at what it takes to keep yourself going every day. Could there be things we are missing? What if those things we are missing are keeping us falling away from the fullest life potential possible?


Imagine if we made our priority helping each other to get balanced ahead of the wave instead of struggling for gasps of air, while churning in the undertow of competition for empires of dirt? What if we freed ourselves from enslavement to the whims of the rich? So many possibilities… But that’s not possible because to question weather people are entitled to so much money is to question if we are entitled to so much money. That’s just out of the question! Yet if there is a new potential for our species on the horizon, would that new kind of wealth not trump the current form? We may very well let fear of losing our potential to be wealthy ruin our chances of actually making it there. The very nature of wealth, as it is currently defined, cannot be had by most people. Most people must be enslaved so that a few can suck all resources and energy out of everything. That’s what kings have always done. What if all of that was the sacrifice it took to make it to a new potential? But we are so bent out of shape when we get to the last leg of the race, that we can’t see the finish line..

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