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Physicists wonder if the universe will collapse in on itself or disintegrate into nothingness through eternal expansion. I believe it is trying to breathe (the middle way). The universe breathed life into us. We may be here here to teach it how to breathe, by helping one another in doing so. Of course, this is a somewhat different interpretation of respiration… universal respiration; but the two are definitely linked. What could be more fundamental to life than respiration? I hope we make it to a time when we can treat each other with the scientific accuracy complex celestial beings/objects deserve, instead of just “people”. However, we all know people…

Scientists have been hoping to construct/solve a theory of everything. They believe the key to this lies in marrying the two trunks (there should only be trunk…) of the tree of physics: astrophysics and quantum physics. In other words, how does the world of the large and visible tie in to the world of the small and invisible.

They are having a hard time because big things tend to behave in predictable intuitive ways, in contrast to small phenomena of the quantum realm which seem to behave in opposite ways (unpredictable/un-intuitive/probabilistic). Yet, the big objects are made of the small ones, so what’s with the paradox?

I have heard physicists say that the big things we are familiar with are just scaled up versions of phenomena of the quantum field. The quantum field pervades all of space and is made up of virtual particles flitting in and out of existence as they come into being then quickly annihilate each other (hence the name “virtual particles”. This field is likely the primordial consciousness which preceded the universe we see today.

The super-structure being formed out of the intergalactic cosmic web of galaxies looks just like a brain. It has two hemispheres, and what appear to be trillions of neural connections made up of countless galaxies. In 1929 Edwin Hubble discovered that the galaxies were not only moving away from each other, but they were actually accelerating. This baffles scientists to this day because they only knew of gravity as the force between these objects. What other force was out there that could not only overcome gravity but completely dwarf it by accelerating these massive objects despite its pull?

The answer may be tied to the same questions the physicists are facing in trying to marry quantum and astrophysics together for the theory of everything. Notice how most galaxies have formed into rotating discs with a super massive black holes at their center? Could this be how the large objects of astrophysics are “reconnecting” to the quantum field of virtual particles? Is the destiny of all large objects to breath energy from the quantum field? After all, that ultimately is the only thing there was ever an infinite supply of…

Of course nothing ever disconnected from the quantum field. So the question is, how efficiently things can become connected. Just as some beings may be more efficient at absorbing oxygen in our earths atmosphere, thus being more conscious.

Gravity is the warping of what we call the fabric of space time in the presence of massive/dense objects. When a complex living object such as a galaxy taps into the quantum field the energy released may reverse the gravitational field creating a force that is not only opposing but much more energetic/stronger. This could be a rough idea of where the antigravity force is coming from. We have also observed that galaxies in local clusters are aligning with one another across thousands and millions of light years in distance despite not appearing to be connected in anyway which would allow this to happen.

It would actually make sense if the theory of everything required us to be an integral part of it. It would begin to show us a path to a better life and a better world. The human brain is the most complex object we know of in the universe. The human body is no slouch either. Are we treating it with the respect such a thing deserves? If not, this may be the beginning of a way of guiding us to how we could be treating it in ways that would bare us the best fruits. This means science is not so cold and impersonal, because it is our only ally in convincing the human species to begin radically changing its behavior. After all, we have seen how efficient telling us to treat one another better has panned out, in the grand scheme, and what happens to the ones who try to convey the message…

I have noticed that it is no coincidence that Jesus and the Buddha both lived in somewhat tropical environments. They were also around 30-35 years of age. These factors, as simple as they may seem on the face, are crucial components of how they were able to find and maintain what made them become who we know them as (or think we do…).

Everything we do is really a form of respiration. In and out. What is going in, and how it is doing so, is directly connected to what is coming out, and how. Respiration connects all beings. We are currently respiring within structures that were built by humans with a certain overall mind set. They certainly did not have virtual particles in mind (not consciously anyway…). The Buddha was said to have set the wheel of the Dharma in motion with his teachings. Was this people’s interpretation of the deeper truth that he had reversed the force of his internal gravity by tapping into the quantum field of virtual particles, breathing them through every atom of his body? In and out… The strong nuclear force is trillions of times stronger than gravity. Is the cumulative effect of trillions of atoms clumped together the force that we perceive as gravity? They say the strong nuclear force can only be felt at very close ranges. What could be closer than inside us?

Ultimately this is tied to human health. One cannot simply adopt a set of principles and or meditate to find what the enlightened ones found, before their time. Somehow our species has to begin looking at our place in reality more carefully. We have to consider what kind of fruit we will continue to get from an orchard of humans eating cheeseburgers in cubicles while dreaming of a future they will never see as viewed through a screen saver. Is this what our ancestors fought for us to have, or is it a potential springboard to a whole new way of human existence? Between the horrors of human history and the trajectory our planet is currently on, if not now, when?

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